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Rohill provides first-class services like Technical Training, Factory and Site Acceptance Testing, Commissioning and After Sales Services to its end-users. through its carefully selected partners and value-added resellers across the world where many of our end-user/partners have entered into Service & Support Agreements with Rohill to serve the End-users best. Under the Service & Support agreement the first-line and second-line support are provided by the local service organisation (service partner), where the third line support is provided by Rohill through its support team which is available 24 hours per day during 365 days per year.

Unique features and benefits

  • First-class services
  • 24/7 support available
  • Direct remote and local support
  • Module-based support contracts
  • Optional extended hardware warranty


Rohill’s offered services

  • Technical Training
    Rohill’s Technical Training is about learning how to operate and maintain the TetraNode technology. Technical Training courses can normally be completed in no more than five working days. Different Technical Training courses are available, each of which has been developed to secure the level of knowledge and competence for a specific type of user.
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  • Factory Acceptance Tests
    The Factory Acceptance Test (FAT) is the validation process of the TetraNode system to check the completeness of the ordered system (including the relevant documentation) and to validate the performance and functionality of the system. The Factory Acceptance Test is performed by Rohill together with the Rohill Partner/End-user.
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  • Commissioning
    Commissioning is the process of verifying the installation and system functionality prior to the release of the TetraNode system for operational use. Before the actual commissioning, a commissioning protocol will be established by Rohill together with the Rohill Partner/End-User. This project-dedicated commissioning protocol is based on a standard template which is tuned to the End-user’s configuration and needs.
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  • Site Acceptance Tests
    The Site Acceptance Test (SAT) is the validation process of the TetraNode system including all peripheral equipment such as the backhaul network, antenna installations and terminals. The process starts after the system has been installed at the end-user’s premises. The SAT is performed by the Rohill Partner supported by a dedicated Rohill Support engineer who brings the required TetraNode expertise.
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  • Service and Support Contracts
    With its Service and Support contract Rohill offers both the Rohill Partner and the End-user a package of third-line support services in order to secure system availability and initial investment through updates and upgrades. The Service & Support contract is a module-based contract where the Basic Customer Support module can be expanded to include an optional Periodical Software Upgrade module and an optional module for 24/7 support. Beside this, Rohill’s TetraNode system hardware comes with a default hardware warranty for a period of 12 months after delivery, which includes free of charge repair and/or replacement of defective hardware components. With the optional Extended Hardware Warranty service in place, the Standard Hardware Warranty can optionally be extended up to 5 years.
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