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Rohill Application Partner Program

Third Party Applications

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In the past decades, Rohill has built an outstanding reputation for its standard and customer-specific TetraNode applications for the mission-critical market. Take for instance our range of in-house developed dispatch solutions. Today, we have an ambitious Rohill Application Partner Programme in which third-party application developers can also build innovative applications for use on the TetraNode system. The programme has been set up to make sure that all applications bring guaranteed quality, meet specifications and thus perform optimally on any TetraNode system.

Applications of all sorts

Applications may be designed for the entire business and mission-critical market or for specific vertical markets. Business drivers for developing voice and data applications may be the need to increase work process efficiency, to increase safety or simply to comply with regulations. The result may be a disaster warning application for the public safety market to increase safety, or a fleet management application for the transport market to increase efficiency. Anything is possible.

Software development kit

To accelerate the development of an application, we offer a software development kit. The kit already implements parts of the protocol, making it a ready-to-use framework for building the application, based on the TetraNode IP gateway. The TetraNode IP gateway is an open interface which supports the full range of TETRA functions.


Unique features and benefits

  • Low technical barrier for developing customer-specific applications
  • Best-of-class selection of applications for TetraNode operators and end-users
  • Availability of Software Development Kits (SDKs) for efficient application development
  • Validation program ensures security, stability and performance of applications
  • Promotion of third-party applications through extensive Rohill partner network


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