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Respecting and protecting your personal data

Privacy policy

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Rohill is committed to respecting and protecting your personal data. By means of this privacy policy we would like to inform you on how we deal with personal data.

What personal data is collected by Rohill?

Below we list what personal data is collected by Rohill. Please keep in mind that although some of this information is collected through our website, information may also be collected through (indirect) contact with Rohill representatives.

  • Name
  • Gender (used in our CRM for proper addressing)
  • Contact details (business email/telephone number)
  • Business details (such as the name of your organisation)
  • Contact preferences (only when you enter such information through our contact form)
  • IP-Address (data gathered by Google Analytics, not used by Rohill for advertisements)


How do we use your personal data?

We use personal data we receive from:

  • you directly
  • your colleagues
  • your business partners

Specifically, think of the information you fill in on the contact page of our website. Or information that you have provided us in order to execute or fulfil an agreement between you and Rohill.
We also collect information through cookies. Cookies help make our website work and provide information to us about how users interact with our website. We use this information to improve our website. We may use cookies to tell us whether you have visited the website before or to remember preferences that you choose when using the website. For example, we may store your chosen language in a cookie so that we can select this language when you return to the website. Nor we, nor any third party, uses these cookies for advertising or tracking.
By using our website, you agree to the use of cookies. If you wish to remove them, you can manage this through the settings on your browser; however, please note that without cookies you may not be able to take full advantage of all our website features.
From time to time we may contact you to update you on our latest developments and Rohill offers that may be of interest to you. You are free to indicate whether you wish to receive such information. In section “What are your rights?” you can read more about the means at your disposal to stop or restrict Rohill’s processing of your personal data.


How do we protect your personal data?

We take the security and confidentiality of your personal data very seriously. We use up-to-date data storage and security techniques to protect your personal information from unauthorized access, improper use or disclosure, unauthorized modification, unlawful destruction, or accidental loss.
In addition, all our staff and consultants are obliged to confidentiality through signed agreements. Only authorised personnel may view and process your data.
Furthermore, we have clear policies in place to make sure that we do not retain your personal data for a longer period than necessary for the purpose, or than legally allowed.


Sharing of your personal data

By default, we do not share your data with other parties. We do this only if there is good reason to do so, if we are required to do so, or if you have given us a specific consent to take this action. We comply with the strict rules that apply to the sharing of personal data. If a need to share personal data with third parties arises, we will make sure to reach clear agreements with these parties. In such agreements we clarify what they are permitted to do with the data and how long they are allowed to store it. In addition, these agreements make it their obligation to keep the information confidential and to treat it safely and with care.


Third party websites

At times this website will contain links to the website of a third-party. You will know that you are on a third-party website because it will have a different appearance and the address bar on your browser will change. If you have questions about a third-party policy, please see the policy listed on their website.


What are your rights?

Right of inspection:
You have the right to inspect your personal data. This means that you can request which personal data is registered by Rohill and for which purposes that data is used.

Right to correction:
You have the right to have your personal data corrected if it is incorrect.

Right to object / to be forgotten:
You can object to the processing of your personal data by Rohill. For example, you can let us know that you no longer wish to receive marketing information from Rohill. Rohill must respond to your objection.
You also have the right to ‘be forgotten’. This entails that you may instruct Rohill to permanently delete all the personal data we process of you. Rohill must respond to your instruction, unless there is a compelling reason to continue to process your personal data. Such a situation may exist, for example, if there is an existing agreement that requires processing of your data.
Even if you have previously given specific permission to Rohill for the processing of certain personal data, you can revoke that permission at a later time.

Right of data portability:
You have the right to receive the personal data Rohill processes of you. You could then choose to pass on this information to a third party. You could also instruct Rohill to pass on your personal data to a third party you indicate to us.


About this privacy policy

This privacy policy is last updated on 24 May 2018.
Rohill is continually improving its services and technology. Because of these ongoing changes, as well as changes in the law and the nature of technology, our data practices will change from time to time. When it proves necessary to change our policy, we will post any changes on this page so that you are always aware of what information we collect and how we use it.


If you have questions or comments regarding this privacy policy, or if you wish to exercise one of your rights mentioned above, please contact us through the contact details below.