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Powerful client/server solution

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The Voice-Data Logging System is a powerful client/server solution for recording voice and data communications within a TetraNode network. Where the server collects calls, the client retrieves, displays and/or plays any one of these calls with no degradation of voice quality. The application is easy to operate. At the same time, it offers powerful capabilities for call and event reconstruction, which is essential to gather and analyse relevant data to investigate incident responses.

Voice-Data Logging Server

The Voice-Data Logging Server collects speech, status, SDS and GPS calls in all domains, including TETRA, conventional radio, telephony and the dispatch domain. In addition to collecting calls, the server stores and archives calls, based on built-in backup and archiving capabilities.

Voice-data Logging Client

The Voice-Data Logging Client is an application for playback and analysis of previously recorded speech and data calls recorded on the Voice and Data Logging Server. An operator can set filter criteria to retrieve specific calls. If calls are found that match the criteria, the call identifiers are used to reconstruct the entire conversation.


Unique features and benefits

  • Logging of voice, text, status and location reports
  • No compromise in voice quality
  • Powerful incident reconstruction capabilities
  • Support for secure access per agency on basis of fleet identity
  • Support of channel and track based recording
  • Build-in backup and archive capabilities
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