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Public transport involves transporting people in conditions where safety is paramount. By definition this calls for safety-critical communications. But not just that. Public transport operations are also business-critical. A failing communication system easily results in delayed or cancelled services and a lack of traffic information provision to the public. As a leading TETRA solutions provider, Rohill has an extensive track record in train, metro, tram and bus applications.

TETRA for Public Transport

TETRA is the preferred solution for public transport applications, offering superior capacity, functionality and security, as well as great opportunities for increasing operational efficiency. The public address facility allows a dispatcher in a control room to make announcements to the passengers using the intercom system inside the train, and to send messages to on-board displays to show traffic information. The emergency call option enables the radio user on board to make a live connection to the control room in case of emergency situations, with one press of the button.

Features of TetraNode for Public Transport customers

  • Customised control room solutions for public transport operations
  • Functional alias support on basis of person, vehicle, line and run number
  • Dynamic capacity allocation for TETRA signalling, voice and data
  • Open IP-based interfaces for integration of third-party applications
  • Excellent geographic component and link redundancy capabilities
  • Much improved functionality and performance compared to GSM-R networks

Benefits of TetraNode for Public Transport customers

  • Powerful, reliable and efficient dispatch operations
  • Integration with Traffic Management Systems
  • Proven scalability with high capacity and performance
  • Mission-critical reliability, exceeding 5-times-9 availability
  • Seamless integration with broadband data networks and applications
  • Lowest Total Cost of Ownership

Selection of our Public Transport references

  • Gold Coast Light Rail, Australia – Read more…
  • Rio de Janeiro Metro, Brazil
  • Jabotabek Electric Train, Indonesia
  • Metro de Sevilla, Spain – Read more…
  • Ulasim, Turkey – Read more… / See more…
  • Rotterdam Electric Tram, The Netherlands
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