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From flower auctions to car manufacturers and steel plants, organisations throughout the industrial sector have come to realise that efficient and dependable communications is critical to their day-to-day operations. At the same time, they are experiencing a constant pressure to reduce costs. Many industrial companies have chosen TetraNode infrastructure because of our reputation as a leading provider of reliable and cost-effective TETRA solutions.

TETRA for Industry

Users benefit from all the increased functionality available from TETRA, including group calls, individual calls, priority calls, emergency calls (with pre-emption), scan groups, short data and status messages as standard. When it comes to data capacity and throughput, TETRA leaves DMR far behind. Especially the availability of radios with built-in GPS, Radio User Assignment as well as intrinsically safe ATEX terminals is much appreciated in the industry. And, of course, TETRA is a truly open standard bringing together technologies from around the world with seamless interoperability.

Features of TetraNode for Industry customers

  • Comprehensive range of voice and data capabilities
  • Easy to install, configure and deploy
  • Best-of-class RF base station and switching performance
  • Supports wide range of legacy and modern PBXs
  • Modular and scalable, with support of full redundancy
  • Open IP-based interfaces for integration of third-party applications

Benefits of TetraNode for Industry customers

  • Robust communications and protection against cyber attacks
  • Excellent capacity, reliability and scalability
  • Powerful, reliable and efficient dispatch operations
  • Robust coverage with fewer TETRA base station sites
  • Seamless integration with broadband data networks and applications
  • Lowest Total Cost of Ownership

Selection of our Industry references

  • First Quantum Nickel Mine, Australia
  • Amsterdam RAI, The Netherlands – Read more… / See more…
  • FloraHolland Aalsmeer, The Netherlands – Read more… / See more…
  • Borregaard, Norway
  • PPL Mine, South Africa
  • ASML, The Netherlands
Tailored solutions

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