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TetraNode is the core of any Rohill TETRA network. TetraNode uses standard hardware and operating systems to create the most economical and powerful TETRA mobile radio network currently available on the market. The flat, node-based network architecture of TetraNode challenges the traditional hierarchical way of building networks. The principles of IP networking are adopted in order to generate a flexible and future proof TETRA infrastructure, scalable from a single site system to a nationwide network.

TetraNode applies the latest soft switch technology together with the most open, secure and reliable Real-Time Linux operating system as well as standards-based commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) hardware platforms to create a TETRA network. All functionality is implemented through software, providing numerous benefits including increased flexibility, performance and seamless integration of IP. TetraNode requires a minimum amount of COTS server hardware and IP networking equipment, which makes it simple to install and maintain.

Unique features and benefits

  • Powerful node-based architecture based on pure soft switch technology
  • Cost effective scalability from single site to nationwide TETRA networks
  • Mission-critical reliability provided through redundancy with 5-times-9 availability
  • Comprehensive capabilities for dispatch, logging and network management
  • Secure by design, both in terms of TETRA and cyber security
  • Fully complies with all relevant TETRA and IP standards

TetraNode infrastructure solutions

  • TetraNode Core
    Our TetraNode soft switch is the core of the TetraNode network. Based on one core application, one software platform and one architecture, TetraNode can serve the entire market with a single core solution, up to nationwide networks. At the same time, TetraNode core is the smallest, most compact TETRA core switch found in the market.
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  • Base Station Systems
    The superior RF performance of our Base Station Systems and its protection against high signal interference offers unmatched coverage and quality of service. This allows for deployment of fewer Base Station Systems, reducing initial and recurring site acquisition costs.
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  • TetraNode Gateways
    TetraNode gateways offer powerful capabilities to integrate third party telephony systems, control room solutions, packet data and network management applications. All gateways are based on open standards interfaces that enable integration with either existing or separately procured services and solutions.
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  • Authentication & Key Server
    The Authentication and Key Server provides secure delivery of keys to TetraNode eXchanges and TETRA radios over non-trusted radio and fixed IP links. It complies with the recommendations of the TETRA and Critical Communications Association’ Security and Fraud Prevention Group.
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  • Cyber security
    Cyber security threats include exploiting vulnerabilities to access sensitive information or disrupt operation of networks. To minimise cyber security risks, Rohill has taken mitigating measures like hardening of Operating System for core products, application of security patches, enhancing access security, and security auditing capabilities.
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