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Legal Statement

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  • Legal Information
    Please read the following terms and conditions before downloading and copying any information from this website or before installing any software (hereafter referred to as content).
  • Content
    The visitor of this website shall be able to view, copy and download any content made available. No content may be altered, changed or modified by the visitor unless the right to do so is stipulated in writing by Rohill. Rohill may change, alter or modify any content without prior notice.
  • Copyright
    The content is owned by Rohill, its associated companies and any other licenses. All content is therefore protected by copyright laws and must be treated accordingly. The content shall not be made available by the visitor to any public or distributed network, agencies or other service providers. Only with the prior written permission of Rohill et al may the visitor copy, reuse or sublicense any of the content.
  • Law
    The terms and conditions as stated above shall be governed and construed exclusively by Dutch law. The associated Dutch court – to be named by Rohill – shall have jurisdiction insofar as permitted by law.