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Airports, airlines and seaports require reliable communication networks to ensure continuity of their business-critical processes. Take, for instance, the financial consequences of a grounded plane or an unloaded vessel due to a failing communication system. Rohill is dedicated to the development of professional mobile communications systems for business-critical applications. The company has supplied TETRA networks to more than 30 international airports and several seaports.

TETRA for Airports and Seaports

TETRA leaves DMR far behind when it comes to data capacity and throughput, the number of data messages per second being four times higher. Powerful voice and data capabilities of TETRA include duplex voice calls and IP-packet data. Especially the availability of radios with built-in GPS, Radio User Assignment and intrinsically safe ATEX terminals is highly appreciated in the airport and seaport sectors. TETRA being an open standard and offering interoperability of system elements, customers can choose any mix of technologies, with full confidence that they will work together seamlessly.

Features of TetraNode for Airports and Seaports customers

  • Comprehensive range of voice and data capabilities
  • Supports wide range of legacy and modern PBXs
  • Seamless group call operation from PBX
  • Collective call and Radio User Assignment (functional alias) capabilities
  • Excellent geographic component and link redundancy capabilities
  • Open IP-based interfaces for integration of third-party applications

Benefits of TetraNode for Airports and Seaports customers

  • Robust communications and protection against cyber attacks
  • High capacity of up to 16 TETRA transceivers per site
  • Mission-critical reliability, exceeding 5-times-9 availability
  • Optimal communications to support operational processes
  • Seamless integration with broadband data networks and applications
  • Lowest Total Cost of Ownership

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