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Validation of TetraNode system

Rohill’s Site Acceptance Task

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The Site Acceptance Test (SAT) is the validation process of the TetraNode system including all peripheral equipment such as the backhaul network, antenna installations and terminals. The process starts after the system has been installed at the end-user’s premises. The SAT is performed by the Rohill Partner who can call in the expertise of a dedicated Rohill Support engineer to assist in the SAT.

Before the start of the SAT, the Rohill Partner draws up the SAT protocol, a project-specific document tuned to the End-user’s configuration and needs. The protocol describes all relevant checks and tests and is reviewed by Rohill.

Functional tests form the greater part of the SAT protocol. In order to minimize the risk of differences between equipment behaviour during the tests and equipment behaviour in the actual End-user situation, it is important that the system and peripheral equipment is loaded with the End-user’s configuration. If agreed upfront and provided that the required tools are available, a coverage test can be included in the SAT.

The SAT is concluded with the signing of the SAT statement by the Rohill Partner and the End user.


Unique features and benefits

  • Validation of TetraNode system
  • Project-specific SAT prototol
  • Functional tests performed
  • Coverage test can be included
  • Concluded with signing of SAT statement
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