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TetraNode Gateway solutions are included in the TetraNode Core soft switch. These gateways enable interconnection with telephony systems and services, control room solutions, IP application access and network management applications. The open standards-based interfaces allow integration with existing and new systems and applications, either provided by Rohill or by third party suppliers.

Telephony gateways

The TetraNode Core offers integrated support of SIP telephony and legacy ISDN-PRI and QSIG telephone systems. These telephony gateways are complemented with powerful capabilities for multiple telephony trunks with varying capacity, and support of both full-duplex calls and group calls. The gateways comply to the latest telephony interface standards and are validated against a comprehensive number of PBX solutions and services.

TetraNode IP Gateway

The TetraNode IP Gateway (TIG) offers unprecedented power, scalability and flexibility for connecting control rooms. This gateway can also be used for interconnecting third-party systems to provide narrowband and broadband network interworking. The TIG solution architecture and open standards-based communication protocols allow for easy and efficient integration with third-party voice and data applications.

TetraNode Packet Data

The TetraNode Packet Data gateway complies with the TETRA Single and Multi-Slot Packet Data standard. The Packet Data gateway offers best-of-class performance and throughput with support of dynamic capacity allocation and prioritisation of voice services.

Network Management

Network Management is covered by several interfaces that each address specific needs for network configuration, monitoring and troubleshooting. These interfaces also utilise open standards-based communication protocols, including HTTP, SNMP, Syslog and XML. Additional authentication and encryption standards enable secure access and control, including SSH, TLS and RADIUS. Due to the support of open standards, a wide variety of existing solutions can be utilised for TetraNode network management.


Unique features and benefits

  • All gateways are based on open standards-based communication protocols
  • Support of both legacy and modern telephony systems and services
  • Seamless group call operation with no need to operate PTT from the telephone
  • Simple and cost-effective integration with any third-party voice and data application
  • Highly secure and powerful access for third-party network management applications
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