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In the digital and interconnected world of today also the Rohill mission critical communication solutions are exposed to cyber security threats. These threats include exploiting vulnerabilities to access sensitive information or disrupt operation of networks. To minimise these cyber security risks, Rohill has taken mitigating measures like hardening of the Operating System for core products, application of security patches, enhancing access security, and security auditing capabilities.

Hardening of Operating System

Hardening of the Rohill core products is achieved by reducing the so called “surface of vulnerability”. This is achieved by a hardened CentOS Operating System. This Operating System is selected due to the long availability including security and stability updates as well the support for a wide range of hardware.

Security patches

In order to resolve reported vulnerabilities in CentOS, Rohill provides security patches for installation on the systems. Rohill will select and validate these CentOS provided security patches and create an update package for deployment.

Access security

Accounts for system management are protected by rule-based password settings. File system access is limited to for administrator roles. The access is authenticated and encrypted. It is also possible to authenticate access by external systems. In addition, specific security appliances and Unified Thread Management (UTM) devices are supported to provide remote access capabilities with features such as IP address filtering, IPSec encryption and two-factor authentication.

Security auditing

The core products have built-in logging of access and command execution. The syslog protocol is adopted to send the information to a syslog monitor. On request Rohill can offer hardening on Windows workstations.


Unique features and benefits

  • CIS Benchmarks compliant hardening of the Linux operating systems
  • Availability of periodic and emergency patches to resolve vulnerabilities
  • Adoption of open encryption and authentication standards to prevent information theft
  • Support of external systems for VPN access and two-factor authentication
  • Extensive security auditing and reporting capabilities
  • Validated best practices and processes to maintain cyber security
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