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Rohill offers a wide range of applications for control rooms and network operations. This includes several options for dispatch solutions, voice and data logging, network management and user location management, but also the option to integrate third-party applications. Beside this, Rohill offers customisable solutions to suit your needs.

Unique features and benefits

  • Ease of management and operation
  • Designed for mission-critical operations
  • Highly scalable and flexible solution architecture
  • Open system architecture and interfaces
  • Enhanced security to mitigate cyber attacks
  • Wide range of third-party applications


Summary of TetraNode applications

  • Dispatch Solutions
    The Rohill Line Dispatch Stations are powerful and flexible solutions for efficient call handling and dispatch operations. They are designed for mission-critical applications where maximum control and operational confidence are essential requirements. Meet our family of clever, extremely adaptive and easy to handle ‘lizards’.
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  • Voice and Data Logging
    The Rohill voice and data logging solution is based on a highly scalable client/server architecture. Where the server collects calls, the client retrieves, displays and plays any one of these calls with no degradation of voice quality. The application also offers great opportunities for call and event reconstruction.
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  • Network Management
    The Rohill network management applications cover the Fault, Configuration, Administration, Performance and Security (FCAPS) aspects as defined by the International Telecommunication Union (ITU). The Rohill applications and interfaces for network management offer comprehensive features that are open, scalable and secure.
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  • User Location Management
    The User Location Manager is a powerful extension in a dispatch environment, creating situational awareness about radio users for dispatchers and other TetraNode users. It improves the safety of radio users by visualising emergency calls and enabling immediate response by setting up calls directly from the ULM interface.
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  • Third Party Applications
    Rohill offers an ambitious Rohill Application Partner Programme in which third-party application developers can build innovative applications for use on our TetraNode system. The programme has been set up to make sure that all applications bring guaranteed quality, meet our specifications and perform optimally on your TetraNode system.
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