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The Rohill Line Dispatch Stations are powerful and flexible solutions for call handling and dispatch operations. They are designed for mission-critical applications where maximum control and operational confidence are essential requirements. Group-oriented communication is the key capability of our dispatch stations. Depending on the type of station, up to one hundred and twenty talk-groups may be selected for simultaneous monitoring.

LDS Chameleon

The Line Dispatch Station Chameleon provides the most powerful features to support scenarios for large quantities of dispatcher stations within a control room environment for both single and multi-agency operations. The dispatcher of the LDS Chameleon can even remotely de-activate a TETRA terminal in case it is lost or stolen. Optionally, the LDS Chameleon supports end-to-end encryption.

LDS Gecko

With a capacity of up to four groups and slightly less functionality, the LDS Gecko is a slim-down version of the LDS Chameleon. Still, configuration possibilities are endless. Just like in nature, Geckos come in many different species.

Customised dispatch solutions

Dispatch solutions must often be customised to meet specific user requirements. Rohill has a track record in providing customized dispatch solutions for especially the public safety and public transport sectors. The sky is the limit in terms of screen layouts and functionality, but also in terms of tailoring our dispatch solutions to your specific working procedures. You name it, we create it.


Unique features and benefits

  • Efficient call handling within large control rooms
  • Intuitive operation
  • Monitor up to 16 simultaneous conversations within 120 groups
  • Instant patch and multiselect capabilities
  • Simultaneous voice and data
  • Works in single, multiple or all network fleets
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