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Verifying installation and system functionality

Rohill’s Commissioning

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Commissioning is the process of verifying the installation and system functionality prior to the release of the TetraNode system for operational use.

Before the actual commissioning, a commissioning protocol will be established by Rohill together with the Rohill Partner/End-user. This project-dedicated commissioning protocol is based on a standard template which is tuned to the End-user’s configuration and needs. The commissioning protocol describes a list of checks to be performed on the different types of system sites.

The first step of the commissioning process consists of a visit to the site locations where the checks on the installation will be performed, including all external connections such as power, IP and antenna connections. Mismatches will be recorded and either solved on the spot or noted down in the commissioning statement.

During the second step of the commissioning process, the system configuration and system parameters as well as the system functionality are checked.

To conclude the commissioning process, the parties involved sign the commissioning statement.


Unique features and benefits

  • Verifying installation and system functionality
  • Custom commissioning protocol
  • Checks on installation performed
  • Checks on system configuration, parameters and functionality
  • Established by Rohill and Rohill Partner
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