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Oil and Gas companies operate in the most challenging environments. They need solutions that address the paramount requirements for safety-critical communications. Along with the requirement to optimise operational efficiency and bring custom-specific innovations, oil and gas applications are definitely the most demanding. Building on a heritage of knowledge and experience, Rohill has emerged as a respected player in the Oil & Gas industry.

TETRA for Oil & Gas

TETRA is the preferred mobile communications standard for Oil & Gas applications. TETRA-based solutions offer many benefits that help these companies to improve their operations and enhance staff safety. To name a few, the TETRA standard supports comprehensive voice and data capabilities, radios with built-in GPS, SCADA interfaces, Radio User Assignment (RUA) and explosion-proof (ATEX) radios for use in hazard areas.

Features of TetraNode for Oil & Gas customers

  • Innovative safety-critical conference call capability
  • Cabinet selection and wiring schemes according customer requirements
  • Best-of-class RF base station and switching performance
  • Supports wide range of legacy and modern PBXs
  • Dynamic capacity allocation for TETRA signalling, voice and data
  • Open IP-based interfaces for data-centric application development

Benefits of TetraNode for Oil & Gas customers

  • Highly secure communications and protection against cyber attacks
  • Excellent capacity, reliability, scalability and modularity
  • Robust coverage with fewer TETRA base station sites
  • Low barrier for maintenance by own personnel
  • Seamless integration with broadband data networks and applications
  • Lowest Total Cost of Ownership

Selection of our Oil & Gas references

  • YPF, Argentina
  • Chevron, Australia
  • Exxon Mobil, Nigeria – Read more…
  • ConocoPhillips, Norway
  • TNK-BP Saratov, Russia
  • Statoil, Norway
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