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The TetraNode soft switch is the core of any TetraNode network. Based on one design, one software platform and one architecture, we can serve the entire market with our switching range, up to nationwide networks. At the same time, our switches are the smallest, most compact switches found in the market. The TetraNode switching platforms are fully based on soft switch technology. This makes our range of switches extremely flexible, easy to install and configure. Plus, customers invest in desired features only. All our switching platforms run the Linux operating system and consist of non-proprietary COTS hardware only. Unlike other suppliers, we make use of open IP standards and networking equipment to build reliable, scalable and secure TETRA networks. With our TetraNode switching range, we can make your network perfectly fit to purpose, today and well into the future.

TetraNode UltraLite

TetraNode UltraLite is a compact all-in-one solution, combining TETRA core and base station components. Its integrated, compact design has positioned TetraNode UltraLite as the most affordable TETRA solution in the market. The simplicity and flexibility of TetraNode UltraLite are the primary benefits for business-critical applications such as industry, campuses and events.

TetraNode Industrial

TetraNode Industrial is based on CompactPCI, a high-performance industrial computing platform. TetraNode Industrial is well-positioned to meet the requirements for medium-sized networks. With the optional 5-times-9 availability, TetraNode Industrial is a very attractive, modulair and reliable solution for mission-critical applications such as public transportation as well as oil, gas and mining.

TetraNode High End

TetraNode High End is the ultimate solution for demanding, large area networks. With its AdvancedTCA-based hardware platform, it is a truly high-performance, high-availability solution, offering 5-times-9 availability by default. The switching platform runs Carrier Grade Linux; a secure, robust operating system. By linking TetraNode High End networks, customers can build a virtually unlimited network of networks. This so-called multi-node concept combines the best of both worlds that offers predictable performance and remains cost-effective. Want to know more about this concept? Download our whitepaper on Reliable and scalable TETRA networks.


Unique features and benefits

  • Pure soft switch architecture with no need for custom hardware of IP network equipment
  • High capacity of up to 130 sites and 320 transceivers per TetraNode
  • Predictable performance with low IP link capacity requirement
  • Geographic component and link redundancy ensures ‘5-times-9’ core availability
  • Easy to design, install, configure, maintain and troubleshoot
  • Long term support with future-proof broadband interworking capabilities
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