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User Location Manager

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The User Location Manager is a powerful extension in a dispatch environment, creating situational awareness about radio users for dispatchers and other TetraNode users. It improves the safety of radio users by visualising alarm triggers and enabling immediate response by setting up calls directly from the ULM interface*. The ULM enables dynamic group assignment of radio users, based on their geographical location, and full communication control over assigned groups in order to coordinate activities in a designated area*.

The location and status of the tracked devices is shown on the map. Calls, users and statuses are differentiated by distinctive icons, colours and shapes. Control over the GPS functionality of the tracked devices includes managing the GPS update configuration and location polling.

*In combination with Line Dispatch Station Chameleon.


Unique features and benefits

  • Manage users and vehicles based on their geographical location
  • Improved user safety, optimised workflow and reduced response time
  • Display location and status of the tracked devices
  • Initiate group and individual addressed calls directly from the map
  • Seamlessly integrated in Line Dispatch Station
  • Capability for custom maps
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