Validation of TetraNode system

Rohill’s Commissioning

With its Service and Support contract Rohill offers both the Rohill Partner and the end-user a package of third-line support services in order to secure system availability and initial investment through updates and upgrades. Where the local Rohill Partner offers first-line support (fault finding) and second-line support (module replacement and system (re-)configuration), Rohill offers third-line support through a Service & Support contract.

The Service & Support contract is a module-based contract where the Basic Customer Support module can be expanded to include an optional Periodical Software Upgrade module and an optional module for 24/7 support.

Basic Customer Support module

  • Customer support (8/5);
  • Helpdesk (8/5);
  • Remote assistance and diagnostics (8/5);
  • Bug fixing through software updates;
  • Priority handling for both support issues and warranty repairs;
  • Escalation handling.

Periodical Software Upgrade module

Approximately every twelve months Rohill releases a major software upgrade. Major software upgrades contain new functionality, Security fixes, enhancements and bug fixes. Newly developed functionality which is licensed is available at additional charge.

Extended Customer Support module (24/7)

With the Extended Customer Support module (24/7) Rohill offers partner support services outside normal working hours on a 24/7 basis in case of a major or critical failure in the TetraNode system. The definition of a major and critical failure is agreed between Rohill and the Rohill Partner and is laid down in the Service & Support contract.

Rohill’s Extended Hardware Warranty

With the optional Extended Hardware Warranty service in place, the Standard Hardware Warranty can be extended to up to 5 years. Rohill’s TetraNode system hardware comes with a default hardware warranty period of 12 months after delivery, which includes free of charge repair and/or replacement of defective hardware components. Repairs are carried out under warranty when failures are caused by intrinsic defects and for as long as the defective hardware falls within the agreed warranty period. Failures caused by external factors cannot be repaired under warranty and may even be declared beyond repair. Rohill offers the option to order Extended Hardware Warranty for TetraNode system parts up to four additional years.


Unique features and benefits

  • Secure system availability and initial investment
  • Module-based contract
  • Basic Customer Support module: Mon-Fri 09:00 am to 17:00 pm (CET)
  • Additional Software Upgrade and Extended Customer Support modules
  • Extended hardware warranty for TetraNode system parts


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