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Found around the world

Rohill solutions are found around the world. We have supplied networks to all continents and over 40 countries. The TetraNode product line allows tailoring of solutions that consist of three core platforms, base stations, dispatch solutions, network management and interfaces as well as telephony networks and applications.

Tailored to customer requirements

The TetraNode product line consists of standard components and a single core software package that can operate on three
different hardware platforms. Features, performance, security, size and availability can all be tailored to customer requirements to achieve a compliant solution at minimum cost. Special solutions are available for specific sectors, such as military, oil & gas and cost-constrained industry segments.

An established position

Rohill solutions are categorized by market segments. Rohill has achieved an established position in all market segments with highly visible projects, often with long-term commitments in the form of frame contracts for the supply of a large number of
systems to a single organization, as well as network expansions and maintenance contracts.

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