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CCW 2023

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Rohill enabling your transition!

This is the theme for Rohill joining the CCW 2023 in Helsinki, 23 – 25 May 2023, Stand N25.

Rohill, from The Netherlands, is a leading supplier of mission-critical mobile communication solutions. More than 45 years Rohill is developing, implementing and supporting these solutions worldwide for the public safety, public transport and enterprise markets.

Rohill has developed a unique proposition called SUMMUM to serve mission-critical mobile communication users. The SUMMUM vision is based on the specific needs of users, and focuses on open technologies and solutions, extending beyond our own product portfolio. Governments and agencies deserve full independence from existing and future technology suppliers as well as broadband mobile network operators (MNOs). Openness must be guaranteed for all elements, building the next generation of mission-critical communication solutions on the same principles as always practiced by Rohill, as proven with our TetraNode solution. With the transition to broadband, we believe the SUMMUM philosophy is more important than ever to ensure a sustainable and trusted ecosystem for mission-critical communication solutions.

During the CCW 2023 in Helsinki we will in-depth share our SUMMUM vision as well as product and service solutions for national public safety organisations. In addition, Rohill will also demonstrate ongoing TETRA developments enabling a successful transition.
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