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ETSI MCX Plugtests event

Rohill successfully contributes to the 8th ETSI MCX Plugtests event

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Rohill successfully contributes to the 8th ETSI MCX Plugtests event

The 8th ETSI MCX Plugtest, held from October 9th to 13th at the University of Malaga, has focused on delivering voice, data and video over private and public 4G/5G networks with mission critical QCIs/5QIs.

Rohill has been contributing to this MCX Plugtest event for the third time, demonstrating its TetraNode InterWorking Function (IWF) capabilities with several MCX solution vendors. The IWF is the only 3GPP standards-based interface to integrate narrowband LMR networks with broadband MCX solutions, whereby ETSI has defined the TETRA-specific protocol specifications for Interworking with 3GPP mission critical services.

This year, Rohill has executed the IWF specific MCX Plugtest scenarios with one existing and three new MCX solution vendors, bringing the total to six vendors that have successfully completed IWF integration and validation. Also, one MCX test tool vendor has demonstrated its IWF validation capability with Rohill TetraNode on basis of IWF specific MCX Plugtest scenarios.

The IWF capability offers existing and new Rohill TetraNode customers the choice from best-of-class MCX service and solution offerings. MCX device users can now participate in TETRA group calls and private calls, with support of emergency call scenarios.

During the next five to ten years, Rohill expects that TETRA networks and MCX services over 4G/5G networks offer complementary strengths, whereby TETRA excels on scalability, availability, security and performance, and MCX on global coverage as well as broadband data and video. Critical communication users can now benefit from the best of both worlds, with no risk of vendor lock-in.


About Rohill

Rohill Engineering B.V. has been active for 48 years as a Dutch communication technology company dedicated to the development of professional mobile communication systems for mission-critical applications worldwide. Over the years Rohill has gained a strong reputation in supplying leading-edge TETRA radio communications solutions to mission critical environments. Rohill SUMMUM solutions on basis of open standards allow our customers to benefit from best-of-class MCX and 4G/5G broadband services, offering independent technology sourcing and robust cyber security.