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Rohill together with global partner Kapsch CarrierCom provides new TETRA base stations as well as spare parts for the TETRA network of the Argentinian National Gas & Oil company YPF. The TETRA Network Expansion started in November 2017 and will be finished in January 2018.

In total, Kapsch CarrierCom and Rohill provide nine TETRA base stations for YPF, the National Gas & Oil company in Argentina. “This contract is a great success, especially for our colleagues in Argentina and our partner Rohill. It’s the first project for Kapsch CarrierCom in Argentina and a breaking through into the gas and oil market”, explains Kari Kapsch, CEO of Kapsch CarrierCom.

The principal YPF designs and develops products, services and business solutions for clients in different market segments, such as retail, agro-industrial and industrial. The company has a TETRA network for voice and data communication in the south and west of Argentina, especially for oil and gas upstream and downstream activities. The new TETRA base stations and spare parts are needed for the expansion of this network in the provinces Neuquén and Mendoza.

"The long-term market expertise of Kapsch in implementing end-to-end solutions, coupled with the high quality of Rohill products, could convince one more time. We’re looking forward to further joint projects in Argentina and worldwide", says Harry Muter, COO at Rohill Engineering B.V.

About Kapsch CarrierCom
Kapsch CarrierCom, a Kapsch Group company, is a leading global producer, supplier and systems integrator of end-to-end telecommunications solutions. The company is pursuing the mission to shape the path for railway operators and carrier networks as well as for public authorities, public transport operators and airports to leverage technologies for their specific and often mission-critical communication demands. Its portfolio comprises innovative, business and mission-critical products, solutions and services, based on in-house research and development, completed with the portfolio of selected strategic partners. The expertise of Kapsch CarrierCom covers, amongst others, solutions for the next generation of mission-critical communication, digitalization of railways, and virtualization in the communication domain.

About Rohill
Rohill Engineering B.V. in the Netherlands is a communications technology company dedicated to the development of professional mobile communications systems for mission-critical applications. Over the years Rohill has gained a strong reputation in supplying leading-edge hardware and software radio communications products to mission critical environments. Its expertise and organization further allow Rohill to offer a wide range of customer-specific solutions.

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